Financial management
  • Our direct goal is assistance and direction in increasing the business' activity and improving its profitability.
  • Managing the overall organisational credit.
  • Assisting in cost saving and improving business activity.
  • Recommendations in profitability improvement.
  • Strategic counselling and growth engines location.
  • Analytic analysis while identifying trends and directions.
  • Assistance in negotiations with fundamental external entities.
  • Managing and drafting fundamental agreements.
  • Managing and editing periodical cash flow statements.

  • Managing and editing periodical financial statements.

  • Constructing and managing a budget system.

  • Current bookkeeping department management.

  • Monitoring and improving bookkeeping work.

  • Building bookkeeping departments from the ground up.

  • Representation versus tax authorities.

Collection management

In managing the organisational collection, we escort the activity from the very approach to the client and up to actual payment.

Our results:

  • ​Massive reduction of bad debts

  • owering of clients' credit level

  • * Reduction of company debts' age

  • * Shortening client payment terms

  • * Direct collection from clients

Financial information systems
  • Current management of the ERP systems while it integrates and interfaces with other organisational systems.

  • Counselling, escort and establishment of organisational ERP systems.

  • Establishing a current reports pool and warning system for fundamental organisational data.

Salary controls and internal controls
Performing organisational salary controls and audits.
These audits include, inter alia:
  • Company HR structure analysis.

  • Employment contracts examination.

  • Existing work procedures and processes review and analysis.

  • Reviewing the company's current salary control kit.

  • Reviewing salary systems interfaces from other systems.

  • Specific and monthly inspections.

Inventory management and smart procurement

Our main goal is smart procurement of company inventory items, dead stock reduction, and the prevention of incompatibilities in inventory records.

  • Constructing and managing a systems of current and monthly smart procurement recommendations (MRP)

  • Managing a procurement orders' system

  • Periodical and sample inventory counts

  • Inventory differences analysis and their reduction manners

Bookkeeping and salary treasury services
  • Preparing and filing monthly statements with the various authorities.

  • Preparing and filing annual statements with the various authorities.

  • Bank adjustments.

  • Preparing supplier payments.

  • Monthly salary preparation.

  • Representation versus various tax authorities.

  • Representation versus banks.

Crisis business escort
  • Forming a strategy to end the crisis.

  • Capital raising and credit applications preparation.

  • Daily cash flow management and activity versus banks.

  • Correct working capital management.

  • Costs structure analysis and company expenses improvement.

Financial and legal translation

English-Hebrew and Hebrew-English translation of:

  • Financial statements.

  • Legal documents.

  • Business plans and valuations.

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